New features 

New options to create jobs, from subject lists and dummies

When opening Netlife Photolink Pro click create job and a pop up window with three options will show.

Choose to create a new job based on a name list, create an empty job or a job with dummies. If you choose the last option you may name the groups and number of subjects in each group. This way you don`t have to add all groups and subjects manually in Photolink before shooting.

Please be aware that portals that don’t allow Photolink-created jobs will decline upload to server on such jobs.

Image rotation using the crop dialog to adjust horizon 

Double click the picture to open full size view.

Click the crop picture button.

Find a line in the picture you wish to rotate the picture according to. In this case the horizontal line in the picture is tilted. We wish to straighten the picture according to one of the steps the group is standing on. Right click, drag the computer mouse along the line you wish to rotate by and release the button.

Watch the picture rotate/straighten.

If you’re happy with the result press save as new or overwrite image.

Added multiple hover help texts

When you mouseover the tag buttons at the bottom of the main window in Photolink, help texts including short cuts will show for each tag.

New shortcut: Ctrl+E to set picture as hidden/spare

Use the new shortcut Ctrl+E to select a picture as hidden/spare.

New shortcut: Ctrl+F to focus search field 

Use the new shortcut Ctrl+F to select the search field (shown on the screenshot below).

Scan multiple barcodes in a row

Using barcodes is one way to shoot tethered in Photolink. It is now possible to scan multiple  barcodes in a row. To use multiple selections with barcodes select the search field and press the plus key (+) before scanning your second, third,… and so on, subject. Click here to read more about tethered shooting using barcodes

Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to scan barcodes in shoot window

You can now select subjects by barcode in the shoot window. Simply use the shortcut mentioned and scan!

Allow png import 

It is now possible to import png files to Photolink. As an example this option may be helpful when a picture needs retouching. You can export the picture, retouch it, save it as a .png file and import the newly retouched picture to Photolink again.

General bugfixes 

  • Clear temporary files more aggressively
  • Fix hidden subject editor issue
  • Automatically close the crop wizard when the process is done
  • Fixed Ctrl+E shortcut in full image view mode
  • Fixed issue where the camera settings dialog would show when cropping/ rotating images
  • Fixed missing filter (consent=no)
  • Fix slow subject handling (regression), and further optimize this a little.
  • Fixed issue where data would not be saved when editing the subject using the subject grid editor.
  • Changed representation of subjects in the subject list to enhance readability.
  • Fixed issue where searching for subjects would not yield any results.
  • Show date/time for activities in local time, not UTC.
  • Fixed issues with certain keyboard commands in the shoot window causing errors.

MacOS Bugfixes 

  • Fixed issue uploading RAWfiles
  • Fixed issue opening folders
  • Fixed issue where dotfiles (hidden files) were blocking import


  • Perfectly Clear plugin and button/options

Read the full Photolink documentation here.