Below you see the content of a standard picture package; different sizes of the picture, but mainly one subject, one pose.

To motivate the consumers to buy picture products you need to create inspirational package graphics to present in your webshop. An example of a standard package graphic is presented below. The pictures are presented on a plain background alongside information about the package, such as size and content. The ad is informative and give the customers all the information they need to order.

But is that really all you want? To give a straight, informative presentation? You might risk that your customers do what so many does with the pictures photographers take, they stow them away and forget about them. The pictures your photographers take deserve more than to end up in a drawer.

What you want is for the customers to enjoy the pictures. They are after all of their own children or beloved ones. 

Taking good pictures are of course the most important thing you do, but you also need to present these pictures in the best possible way. You want to make the customers not able to resist ordering them.

Show the customers how good their pictures will look in frames and up on the wall. Inspire them. Make the customers want to use them, want to put them on shelves, send as christmas cards and christmas presents. Sell a feeling.  

You don’t need fancy equipment, a graphic designer or expensive interior details to create these kinds of images. All you want to do is to create a modern home-feeling the customers can relate to. You are probably already surrounded by all the qualification you need. Use your photographers and the cameras they have for their everyday work. The positive thing about using young photographers from your own staff is that they are probably already up to speed about the latest trends and what the customers want. Go to your local store, buy some frames that matches the sizes of your pictures and some simple interior details to get that home-feeling. Create a surrounding that reminds the customers about their own home. Instead of using a plain background, you can present the pictures on the living room table, with a coffee cup, and a green plant.

Instead of presenting a standard picture package you can also show the customers how they may put together the package as they please. If enabled they may choose pictures from different subjects, even upload private pictures to the same package.

However remember that the graphics should always reflect what the customer gets when buying. If the package only contains one group photo and 2 portraits, and the customer is not able to choose pictures from different subjects, the graphics should show an example of this.


For mobile banner you may use the same pictures as for desktop banner. Just remember to take pictures that has enough space around the motive to crop by the mobile size.  

If you need to find more inspiration there are several platforms online created specifically to give inspiration to people. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are easy to use and full of ideas. The competition is hard so even beside of creating good package graphics there is always wise to be up to date about the trends.