If a job has had the same status for more than 7 days it will now be marked with a yellow color. This applies for jobs in status 4-8. The job status list will show you where these jobs are located with a yellow dot behind each relevant status name. Click the status to locate a specific job. The list to the right will give you the dates for when the jobs got their current statuses. By default the list will sort the oldest jobs on top. This may be useful to see which job has had the selected status the longest. Click the column headers to sort the newest jobs on top or by job name .

Sorting in status 9 – by date, from newest to oldest.

The jobs in status 9 in webshop will now be listed by date with the newest on top. Click the column headers to sort by job name or date. This choice will be remembered so the sorting will be the same next time you open the status list.