A new GDPR-related update for the web platform has been released, and contains new features in the end-user’s account under ‘My page’. The end-user will now be able to do the following:

View and edit contact information

Option to view and edit the contact information stored in the system such as name, username, address, phone number and address

Download information

The end-user may download a copy of all data connected to their user at any time by clicking ‘Download information’. A zip-file will be downloaded, and one will have to unzip it to view the content.

Delete account

If the end-user chooses to delete the account it will be instantly quarantined, and the account will be permanently deleted after 30 days (default, but will be modifyable). Deleting the account will delete the user and the contact information from our servers. While the account is in quarantine waiting for deletion one have the opportunity to reactivate the  account by logging in again. By doing so the account will be completely restored.

My page example:

Download information example:


Any inquiries related to the update can be directed to support@netlife.no / +47 73 99 10 20