How to create a green screen background type

Visit /admin and click the new option Green Screen in the left hand side menu.


Here you may create separate green screen background types matching your job types e.g. green screen backgrounds for respectively School photography and Sports photography. You may also define a default green screen background type.

After you have created a green screen background type you may upload the backgrounds associated with it, and also select which of them should be default background.

How to add a green screen background type to a job type

To add a green screen background type to a job type please click the option Job types in the left hand side menu.


Select the relevant job type from the list, click ‘Advanced options’ and check the option ‘Enable Green screen’. A new option ‘Green screen type’ will appear, and you may select the green screen background type which should be connected to this job type.

Green screen background options in the webshop

Once a user adds pictures of a subject connected to a job with green screen enabled to his/her account the relevant green screen backgrounds will be presented to the customer, and he/she may decide which backgrounds he/she would like to add to the products ordered.

Lablink download

Green screen backgrounds are automatically downloaded by Lablink. More information here