The new webshop adapted to mobile and tablet devices has recently been updated and new functionality added.

Support for the following functionality has now been added to the mobile interface:

  1. Webreg form (Admin-Job type-Web registration)
  2. Package design change (Admin-Product packages-Allow design change)
  3. Voucher codes (Admin-Pricelists-Voucher codes)
  4. Green screen (Admin-Job type-General-Enable Green screen)
  5. Warning ‘Save changes?’ if one tries to leave the Edit package content-site without having saved changes.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you would like to activate the mobile webshop on your portal. Before you are able to activate, however, you need to prepare your webshop for the mobile version by:

  1. Creating and uploading mobile package graphics to each of your webshop packages More info here
  2. Contact Netlife Support +47 73 99 10 20 / to receive information on how to test and assess the mobile version on your domain.

You may test the mobile version by opening the following demo site URL in your mobile browser:

Enter image code fzgvmp


NB! The mobile webshop is currently available in English, Norwegian and Swedish and does currently NOT support the following functionality:

  1. Image cropping
  2. Multipage templates (e.g. 12 page calendar)