Sneak peak: a new mobile version will soon be ready for release

During the summer we will launch a brand new webshop adapted to mobile and tablet devices.

After the new mobile webshop version has been released you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not you would like to activate it on your portal. Before you are able to do so, however, you need to prepare your webshop for mobile version activation by creating and uploading mobile package graphics to each of your webshop packages:

how to create mobile package graphics
  1. The image used in the mobile version of the package ad should preferably be an image of the package contents. We recommend that you do not add any text, buttons or price to the ad as this will be added automatically (see example below)
  2. The format needs to be either .JPG or .PNG. Width: 1184px. Height: 552px
  3. When your mobile package ads are ready, open your package admin page
  4. Select one of your packages, locate the upload option ‘Mobile package graphics’ and upload the new mobile ad. Repeat on all packages.
  5. Use the package description field to add information about the package content
Mobile package graphics example

If the image uploaded as ‘Mobile package graphics’ looks like this:

Mobile package graphics example uploaded file

..the ad as presented in the mobile adapted version of the webshop will look something like this (depending on language, products, prices etc):

Mobile package graphics webshop example

Tips when creating mobile package graphics:
  • Use selling and inspiring product photos. Try to tell a story and put the products in a livingroom setting or situation in order for the customer to get a feel of ‘why do I need this product, and how may I use it’.
  • Avoid usage of stock images. Instead try to use your own images; images that perfectly displays the essence of who you are.
  • We recommend a maximum of total 3-4 packages. According to online studies like ‘The paradox of choice’ too many options will confuse the end-user and make it harder to compare and make a decicion.
Testing the mobile webshop

The mobile webshop will soon be ready for testing by our customers. We ask customers who are interested in information on how to test the mobile version webshop to send a request by email to Netlife Support: