Changes and new features Lablink 

Version number: 2.10.29

Issuer: Netlife

Platform/ OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10


Short summary about the software 

Lablink is a software to download image orders from the internet and kiosks, and to further channel the production towards minilabs, plotters and sublimation printers.


Glossary of the new functionality 

  • Parallel processing of orders
  • Parallel order downloading
  • Improved GUI responsiveness
  • Rewritten color management system
  • Text with dropshadow and rotation
  • Bleed support
  • PDF improvements
  • Batch packaging/ checklist
  • Extended integration options
  • General bugfixes and improvements of existing functionality


Parallel processing of orders                                                                                            

Lablink now does order processing in separate processes. You can now process multiple orders at the same time, utilising multiple cores and more memory on your system. This is configurable under advanced options (see figure 1).


Parallel order download

Lablink can now download multiple orders at the same time. This is especially useful if you have a large volume and a multi-core system with multi-processing enabled. This is configurable under advanced options (see figure 1).


Improved GUI responsiveness 

The general performance and responsiveness of the GUI has been improved. Most notably long running tasks such as sending an order to production (particularly noticeable in network setups) no longer cause the program to become unresponsive.


Rewritten color management system 

The old color management has been thrown out and a completely new system is in place. This new system improves image quality and is less complex for the user to set up. Color management is now “always on”, with the option to adjust the input profile. For prints, the original profile is maintained if possible. See figure 2.


Text with dropshadow and rotation 

Lablink now supports template products with rotated text and/or dropshadow, Text rendering is also improved, producing clearer text.


Bleed support 

Bleed is now supported on template products. The bleed amount is configurable through a page in the settings dialog called ´Product setup´. For older templates, and templates designed without bleed in mind, Lablink will duplicate pixel rows and columns as necessary, This will ensure a consistent size of the resulting images. See figure 3.


PDF improvements

The quality of the end result and processing speed has been improved, as well as the inclusion of trimbox support in cases where bleed is enabled.


Batch packing/ checklist 

A new option for a batch packaging/ checklist has been added under the logistics settings. When enabled, a sheet with summary information is printed when multiple orders, or a batch, is sent to production. This sheet also includes information on the amount of producers for collating orders. See figure 4 and 5.


Extended integration options

Note: This information is more relevant for developers and users doing integration towards other systems and workflows. More information has been exposed in the XML output. Useful for integrations for accounting software and so on. Lablink can now be controlled by external applications, allowing them to trigger operations normally done through the GUI, allowing for more autonomous operation of Lablink. Please consult the documentation at for more information.



Read the full Lablink documentation here.