Click price lists in the left hand side menu in /admin. Locate voucher codes at the bottom of the right hand side menu in the price list management site and click to open.


On the front page of the voucher codes site you will find the list of existing voucher codes as usual.

Click edit to open the edit site for each voucher code. New features on the front page are color codes signalizing if the codes are active or not. Both date fields (from and to and including) have to be green for the code to be active. If the from date is a date in the future, the box will be colored red signalizing that the voucher code is not yet active. When the code is active the box will turn green. When the to and including date has past, the box will turn red, showing you the code has expired and is no longer active. The same color system is shown in the edit sites.

Click here to learn more about voucher codes.