New menu items

Some items in the left sidebar in /admin are now changed, for the menu to be easier to navigate through.

  • The previous menu items PDF templates, email and mobile templates are now all gathered in the new menu item called communication templates.
  • Reminder messages, reminder types and code types are now found under the menu item communication.


Communication templates

Once you click the communication template item, features for both PDF templates, emails and mobile templates will appear on the same page. The features will be as you already know them, only now gathered on the same page.






The features for reminder messages, reminder types and code types are now all gathered on the same communication page. The features are the same, only some are renamed and have help texts attached. This to help understanding what the features do.

  • Reminder messages are now found under manual job communication (click manually send messages).  
  • Reminder types are now located under the heading push sales.
  • Code types are found under push user registration.


Manual job communication (reminder messages)

Click manually send messages under manual job communication at the bottom of the page and the create/edit site for reminder messages will appear. The columns to fill in wanted information for the new message are now found on top, and the message history is listed below.

In addition to the well known features, you are now also able to choose to send out reminder messages to specific job types. Choose job type from the drop down menu (see example screenshot to the right). Click create reminder once all wanted information is filled in.