Template activation  



Visit /admin and click templates in the left hand side menu. You’ll need the access cap_view_templates to have this item visible on your /admin site. Please contact your team leader if you can´t access the item.

On the following templates page you will find all templates that are available for your domain.


New templates

Once new templates are available they will be marked as ‘New’, and it is up to you to decide whether or not these templates should be activated in your webshop (learn how to activate on next page).

New templates will also be marked with a number next to the templates item in the left hand side /admin menu (see example screenshot to the right), displaying how many new templates are available since your last visit to the site. This number will disappear once you enter the site. The ´new´ mark on each template visible once inside the template activation page will be shown for 7 days, counting from the day they were added as new.

Front page default view is all new templates in all categories.


Filters and search

The templates may be filtered by new, active and/or in-active. Use the filters and the search bar on top to narrow down the list of templates (see example screenshot to the right). The results of your filtering and search will be shown below instantly. Check the boxes for all the filters to see both new, active and in-active templates.

Product categories

The templates are divided into categories. The default view is all, showing templates from all categories. Click the category of your choice and choose from the drop down list if necessary. The number in the parenthesis behind each category name tells you how many templates they consists of relative to your search or filtering choices.


Set template as active or in-active

The templates are displayed on the right hand side of the category menu. By default all templates you have access to are set as active. You may easily set the ones you don’t need as in-active by clicking the blue activate button that appears on the template image when you hold the mouse pointer over it.

When a template is active it is displayed in normal bright colors and the activate button will be blue, showing that it is turned on (see first example screenshot to the right). When a template is in-active it has a grey layer over its image and the activate button is grey, showing that it is turned off (see bottom example screenshot to the right). Activate the template by clicking the button.


Information button

In addition to the activate button an information button (symbol i) will also show when you hold the mouse pointer over the template image. Click the button to find details like name, unique ID and size of template, including which products the template consists of and which price lists these are added to. You may also find the categories the template is added to and time and date for when the template was last updated.


To add the template product to a price list click add to price list. The next pop up window will ask you to choose a price list from a drop down list. Click the button to add (see example screenshots to the right).


You don’t have to save your changes, just exit the page when you are finished and find it exactly as you left it when you revisit.