The favorite check in Checkpoint is extended with a check for double favorites. Double favorites may happen if a photoshoot number two is needed and the photographer takes new individual pictures of a subject. Checkpoint will now detect when a subject has two favorite pictures and you may choose the correct one.

Visit /adminfind the correct job and
checkpoint in the right hand side list. The favorite tab on top will be red when there either are favorite pictures missing or double favorite pictures (or both). In the screenshot example below you’ll see an example of a subject with two favorite pictures. If you hold the mouse over the favorite pictures details regarding uploading date will show. From this information you may choose which picture to use as favorite. Click the picture and you’re finished with the selected subject. The tab will take you to the next subject (or group) either missing favorite picture or having double favorites. Notice that the picture you choose not to be favorite no longer has a picture tag.