Visit /admin 
and click catalogues in the left hand side menu.

Some new features are now added.  


Both internal and external catalogue name

In the catalogue list the name column now show both the internal (on top with blue text color) and the external (below) catalogue names.

Sort by column

By clicking the columns, you may now sort the list either by name or stock.



By holding the mouse pointer over the catalogue name you may find information about which jobs the catalogue is added to.


Printed for endusers

In the edit catalogue settings page (click catalogues in the left hand side menu in /admin, locate correct catalogue and click to open) you’ll find printed for endusers. This column show the number of printed catalogues available for the users in webshop. To change this number you have to add or subtract catalogues in the update available catalogues box below. Set the number of catalogues and add a comment. Set the number as a negative number if something happens to the catalogue making it unfit to send to customers. If the school require any catalogues, also set the number as a negative number. Click update catalogues available for enduser to add or subtract the catalogues. Click the small question mark symbol next to the number of catalogues field to see more information.

Below the update available catalogues box you’ll see the update history logged with date, quantity, user and comment.


Shipped catalogues to users

At the bottom of the edit catalogue settings page you´ll find a list of shipped catalogues by date. The list show you when the catalogues were shipped and how many. Click the date to see a list of which users the catalogues were sent to.



www.YOURDOMAIN.xx/admin/prophoto/catalogues/ alternative.php


If you click view ordered catalogues in the right hand side menu on the catalogue page (www.YOURDOMAIN.xx/admin/prophoto/catalogues) a new window opens.

The new features in the catalogue page also apply here. The list show both internal (with blue text color on top) and external (below) catalogue names, you may sort the list by clicking the different columns and a mouseover will show you information about which jobs the catalogue is added to.

Shipped catalogues column

In addition to these features, there is now also a column that shows shipped catalogues (marked with red in example screenshot above). Click the column name shipped to sort by this column.


Catalogue filters

There are now also filters added to the top. You may filter the catalogue order search by using the minimum catalogue status drop down list and/or the checkboxes below.


Direct link to user and order

If you click on a catalogue in the ordered catalogue list you´ll find a list of orders for this specific catalogue. The name of the user and order number are now links you may click on to go directly to the user or order.





Show shipped catalogue date

You will now be able to see when the catalogues was sent for the specific orders (see red mark in example picture at the bottom). You’ll find this information almost at the bottom of the information site for the specific order (click orders in the left hand side menu in /admin, locate the order and click to open information site).



Added separator sheet to the catalogue PDF

A separator sheet is added to the catalogue PDF showing internal and external catalogue name, total amount of ordered catalogues and information about how these catalogues are divided between the customers. This sheet will be helpful for your personnel when sorting and sending out correct amount of catalogues to each customer.